Moroccans married by americans authorities (district courts) can establish a recognitive marriage act before the moroccan consular services; the recognitive marriage act would require the testimony of two muslims and the acknowlegment of the dowry given to the bride for marriage.
The fees for the establishment of the recognitive marriage act (Moulhaq Azzawaj): $ 40.
NB:This procedure is not required in the case of the existence of an islamic marriage celebrated before an Islamic center.

Please note that only in case of mutual consent of both spouses, the consular section can initiate the procedure that will allow them to get their divorce before a moroccan judge without the obligation to be present in Morocco.

  • Consensual divorce affidavit: $36
  • The non conciliation notary act: $36
  • The power of attorney in case of consent: fees $ 40

Definitive return to Morocco
Moroccan nationals who decide to go back definitively to Morocco may take their personal belongings and be exempted from applicable taxes (only once). The items, mainly furniture & personal belongings, are only used ones that are destined for personal use once in Morocco. Cars are excluded from this program.
To benefit from this program, provide the following:

  • Passport
  • Consular Card (If you aren’t registered with the Embassy, refer to Consular registration section )
  • A money order of $13 payable to the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco
  • Fill out the attached form and sign it after listing all items individually

For more information, visit the Moroccan Customs (Administration des Douanes) Website

Certificate of lodging
This document is used by Moroccan nationals to invite members of their families and friends to visit them in the USA. With the help of this document, invitees are supposed to get visas. Please note that by notarizing this document, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco does not guarantee the issuance of visas, which is purely the attribution of the Consulate general of the United States in Casablanca.
Please note that all Moroccan nationals have to register with the Embassy prior to any transaction. If you aren’t registered with the Embassy, refer to Consular registration section )

  • Download the attached document, and fill it out and bring it to the Embassy along with your Consular Card.
  • You may also sign and notarize the document and mail it to the Embassy along with:
    • A prepaid self-addressed envelope for return
    • A money order of $6 payable to the Embassy of Morocco
    • copy of your consular card

Transfer of body remains
Body shipment requirements It is recommended in case someone passes away to look for a funeral home agency to take care of all paper work. Urge the funeral home to get in touch with the Embassy of Morocco at: (202) 462-7979 or 462-7727 or462 – 7734.
The following documents are required for the transfer procedures:

  • Moroccan Passport and ID Card (if any)
  • Original / Certified copy of the death certificate
  • Birth certificate if any (for names of parents)
  • Original of the certificate of non-contagious disease
  • Copy of Burial Permit
  • Name of the cemetery in Morocco
  • Address of consignee in Morocco

Procuration / Power of Attorney
A “Procuration”, Power of Attorney, is meant to save the trip to Moroccan Nationals living in the US to go to Morocco to take care of their personal matters. They can give Procuration to somebody to represent them. This document has to be notarized by the Embassy in order to be valid in Morocco. Applicants have to appear in person and sign the document before a clerk at the Embassy after showing their Moroccan ID or passport. Or you can download the “Procuration Form”, fill it up, sign it before a public notary the send it to the Embassy along with a $7 money order and a pre-paid self-addressed envelope. Please note Moroccan nationals should register with the Embassy prior to any transaction. If you aren’t registered with the Embassy, refer to Consular registration section.

Taking a pet to Morocco
To bring your pets to Morocco, make sure they have the necessary shots done during the last three months prior to their entry to Morocco. Make sure to certify the shots and the veterinary paper work at the Department of Agriculture before presenting them for certification to the Embassy of Morocco. There is a $27 processing fee.