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Cost of Factors of Production
The salary is negotiated between the employer and the employee, however, it can’t be lower either than the Guaranteed Inter-professional Minimum Salary “SMIG", or than the Guaranteed Agricultural Minimum Salary 'SMAG". All workers must perceive, on top of their salaries, a seniority bonus estimated at:

• 5% of the salary after 2 years of continuous service or not in the same establishment or at the same employer’s;
• 10% after 5 years of service;
• 15% after 12 years service;
• 20% after 20 years of service.

SMIG: 9, 66 DH/hour from July 1st 2004 (June 4 2004 decree law setting the hourly minimum salary of employees and workers).

The effective date of general clauses of this decree has been postponed to January 1st 2005 in the following industries: tourism, textile, leather goods and agribusiness.

SMAG : 50,00 DH/day from July 1st 2004

The fringe benefits are estimated at 17% of the monthly pay before deductions. They are as such:
• Professional training tax: 1,6% of gross earnings
• Contribution to CNSS:
• Family allowances: 8,87% of monthly gross earnings
• Short term benefits: 0,44%
• Long term benefits: 6,08%

A time-of-use rate is applied according to the following hours.

Demand charge in Dh / KVA/year :
Very High Voltage (THT) and High Voltage (HT) : 280
Medium Voltage (MT) : 291

Meter rent in DH / kwh
Peak hours 0 ,6634 0,6711
Regular hours 0,9028 0,9870
Off Peak hours 0,4454 0,45053

Energy products
Prices in August 2004
• Regular gasoline 9,95 DH/L
• Supreme gasoline 10,51 DH / L
• Diesel fuel 7,46 Dh / L
• Lamp oil/Kerosene 7,46 DH / L
• Industrial fuel-oil 3.307,00 DH / tonne

Water for industrial use
Charging/billing prices of water for industrial use vary according to the locations from 1, 64 to 6, 27 DH/ m3.
A monthly standing charge should be paid.

Road transportation
The basic rate in tonne- kilometre is 0.401 DH on a lowland or plain road and for a distance of transportation/haul between 151 et 175 Km.
This rate is multiplied according to the distance covered by a factor varying between 0.88 and 3.77.

The scale of charges by wagon/car varies from 0,282 to 0,424 DH / tonne / Km.


The rate varies according to the type of merchandise and the port of destination.

Air freight
The rate is assessed from Casablanca flight departure, according to the type, the weight and the destination of merchandise.
The tariff (DH) per Kg is the following:

Cities/Weight -45Kg +45Kg +250Kg +500Kg
Paris 18,20 22,85 22,75 27,70
Amsterdam 11,80 17,75 49,90 50,60
London 53,95 13,60 17,65 17,55
Cologne 23,10 9,40 13,00 39,60
Barcelona 40,00 41,25 12,75 16,50
Roma 16,40 16,75 8,80 12,90
Jeddah 12,15 21,00 21,80 36,25
New York 15,50 15,45 15,80 8,35
Montreal 23,35 23,75 38,75 11,80

The subscription rate to the telephone network is estimated at 1000 DH for a first installation. The monthly standing charge costs 100 DH.
The GSM mobile radio-telephony service access fees are estimated at 100 DH and the subscription fee with a national option is estimated at 125 DH.
Companies benefit from a wide range of solutions which are adapted to their use.
This range consists of three different tariff options :

• Tariff Preference Group
• Tariff Preference Mobile
• Tariff Preference Volume

These products are aimed at all companies no matter what size and sector they are.

The Tariff Preference range offers advantageous tariffs for companies with no necessary change of an existing installation.
The discount is applicable without hour spread 24h/24, 7j/7 and with an advantageous billing/charging account with level sections every 30 seconds after the first indivisible minute of communication.
Moreover, there is no traffic limit using the Tariff Preference Group for companies.

Bank Loan Rates
Base Bank Rates observed :
Short term 7,25%
Medium Term 7,75%
Long Term 8,50%
Credit export 7,00%
Credit for building 8,25%